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Frequently Asked Questions on 'Prefab Extensions'

prefab-home-exterior-viewI am assuming I don't need planning permission because I am looking to extend at the side of the house (albeit close to the front) and I am not in a conservation zone. As such, how long would it take to turn around the project?

Please seek planning advice from local planning authority which should help. I don't think you do need planning permission. Please allow 16 weeks from signed order to delivery, though we may be able to deliver sooner.

I think this is a fantastic idea. Can I ask though if you would need planning permission? Can they also be custom built to specification?



Yes they will usually need planning permission unless used as a house extension, granny annexe that sort of use. Good idea to check with your planners first. They are designed to be built to your specification. Please send us your sketch layout.

Is it possible to build a prefab extension on the rear of a standard 1960's brick build semi? All I am looking for is and additional room with lighting and electricity.

Please call 01728 687 657 to discuss your requirements further.

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